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ShareFund News

Let's find promoters for your fundraiser!

So you've started a fundraiser and you're on your way to making the world a better place in your own way. Maybe you're fundraising because you have to, or you're doing it because you're called to. Either way, it's time to put everything you've got into raising those funds. 

But you're just one person and even though you may have friends or followers on social media, that doesn't always guarantee that they're going to rush to the opportunity to help you. Some of you have asked friends to contribute, and maybe that's helped, but you know more is needed. You need them to share and promote your fundraiser like they depend on it. You need people that are focused on promoting. 

And you know that they're out there somewhere. If there's someone out there promoting the World Science Festival, there's bound to be people aligned with your mission out there. The challenge is finding them. If you couldn't only reach them and inspire them to promote your fundraiser, you could reach many more supporters. Without promoters, you risk keeping your fundraiser small and missing your goal. 

The secret with finding promoters is alignment.When you find promoters that are already aligned with your mission or vision, partnering with them becomes much easier.  

Here are a few was to find and empower promoters that are aligned with your work and active with a community that is aligned as well. 

1. Think about who is trying to reach the same people that you are. 

An aligned promoter is someone who naturally sees the importance of your project and they’re already connected to people who are likely to feel the same way. For example, if your project is about healthy living, then you’ll want to reach people who value that. An aligned promoter is someone who lives healthy and talks about it. This person is likely to have friends or followers that also value healthy living. Ideally, your aligned promoter leads a network of people who care about healthy living and are likely to support your project. Examples of these kinds of leaders might be fitness coaches, nutritionists, people who promote or sell health supplements, organizations that focus on health and more. What businesses, organizations, leaders and influencers want to reach the same kinds of people that you are?

2. Make sure your Promoter Reward is appealing.

With ShareFund, you can share a percentage of funds with promoters who help bring in those funds. This empowers you to inspire promoters to help you raise more for your cause. A low percentage isn’t as appealing, but you don’t want it to be so high that promoters question the integrity of your cause. In the nonprofit world, 15% is usually an acceptable cost to making good happen. Whether or not your cause is charitable, sharing 15% should be acceptable and appealing. You can also experiment with this and find that percentage that motivates more promoters in your cause. 

3. Ask simply

People tend to stay busy. So your ask to a promoter should be short and open the door for more discussion. Focus on a short greeting, acknowledge their work and focus area alignment, how you’re connecting with people like them to reach more people that may support your cause, and share your Promoter Reward. 

Example Message:

“ Hi there, 

My name is [your name] and I’m reaching out because of your work in [focus area], we’re connecting with leaders like you who are already connected to people who may support our fundraiser [your fundraiser title]. Rather paying for more advertising, we’re sharing [reward percentage] when you help us connect to contributors that support [focus area]. If you’re interested, you can use this link to sign up as a promoter and get your unique link to share with your network. When someone uses your link to support our fundraiser, you’ll earn [reward percentage]. 

We both care about [focus area] and this fundraiser is our way of showing it. Would you be interested in earning a percentage when you refer contributions? Please use this link [promoter link]

You can also contact me directly if you have any questions or if you want to talk about cool ways to reach your network.”

4. Make your ask about serving them

Yes, you want promoters to promote your fundraiser so that you can raise more for your cause; but most promoters aren’t likely to jump at an opportunity to do a bunch of extra work for you. They’ve got their own mission and work and needs. The beautiful part is that your goals can be aligned with theirs. 

When connecting with promoters, focus on how your fundraiser and their earnings help the focus area. 

It only works if you take action. Consider taking these action steps to find more aligned promoters to help you connect with more contributors. 

1. Build a list of potential promoters: 

Ask A.I. or do a search for businesses, organizations, leaders and influencers want to reach the same kinds of people that you are. This search might look like this:

“What kinds of businesses are interested in reaching people who care about healthy living?”

Once you know the kinds of people and businesses, you can find specific names by searching for that kind of person or business or organization in your area. For example, if Fitness Coaches was an answer to your first search, your next might be:

“What fitness coaches are near me?”

Once you have a list of names and businesses, specific organizations and more, you can get their email, website or phone number (or find a virtual assistant to help you). 

Now you have a list of promoters. [Pro Tip: you can do a similar process to find contributors]

2. Reach out to them:

Set aside time each day to contact and invite promoters to earn when people in their network use their promoter link to contribute to your fundraiser. 

Set a goal for how many promoters you need and aim for that each day. 

Your fundraiser is important and you’re not the only person in the world who think so. Follow these steps to finding promoters and tell us what you learned and how we may improve the process and help more people do more good.


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